Powerful HP Graphing Calculator

Powerful HP Graphing Calculator
HP recently introduced the HP 50g graphing calculator, which offers more connectivity options and greater configurability so users can share and work with mathematical data in the way that best suits their needs.

HP's most powerful calculator, the HP 50g is designed for engineering, math and science professionals and students. It features more connectivity options than other graphing calculators in its class, allowing users to transfer data and applications via convenient, industry-standard USB, SD card and serial ports(1) as well as wireless infrared communications.

Users also can customize the calculator by developing and saving programs and macros and by re-assigning key functions so that the most-used functions are at their fingertips.

"With the high-end HP 50g, HP continues to enhance its robust calculator portfolio," said Fred Valdez, general manager, Calculator Division, HP. "HP calculators lead the way in empowering users to do more with their calculating devices by creating well-engineered solutions - from the smart functions that they perform down to the look of the display and feel of the keyboard".

In addition to the standard Algebraic mode, the HP 50g offers the Reverse Polish Notation (RPN)(2) and groundbreaking Textbook data entry modes that are only found on HP calculators. RPN is an efficient sequence that reduces the number of keystrokes needed to make a calculation; Textbook entry allows users to write and edit equations symbolically, as if they were writing on a sheet of paper.

The HP 50g also offers applications exclusive to HP that simplify working with complex mathematical problems. HP Solve saves users time by writing and solving equations for any variable without having to re-enter or modify the original equation. The HP Equation Library allows for convenient on-board access to more than 300 of the most common equations with pictures. The intelligent editor also allows users to cut, paste and copy objects to isolate and evaluate sub-expressions.

In addition, the calculator includes Computer Algebra System software, which makes it easier to perform complex arithmetic or calculus functions by manipulating mathematical expressions in symbolic form.

Users can expand upon the already-robust 2.5 megabytes of memory through the SD card port, and flash ROM allows for future system upgrades.(3) The HP 50g is permitted for use on some college entrance and professional exams in the United States(4) and is backed by HP's award-winning service and support.

Information about HP's complete line of graphing, scientific and financial calculators, as well as virtual classes, tutorials and step-by-step learning modules for HP's current range of calculators is available at www.hp.com/calculators.

Availability and pricing.

The HP 50g graphing calculator is currently available for a suggested retail price of $149 online at www.hp.com and at select retailers and bookstores across the United States.(5) A complete list of resellers is available at www.hp.com/calculators/resellers.

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