Latex-Free Balloons

Latex-Free Balloons
Via Allergy blog.

Yesterday, my son celebrated his birthday in the kindergarten. We brought a cake, which I made sure was nut-free, becasue aside from my son, there was one other child with nut allergies. We also brought some ballons, which was a hit among the kiddies, but in hindsight, could have caused a problem.

What if there was a child with latex allergies? or among the teachers? I didn't even bother to ask, bad me! Good thing that it turned out nobody had allergies to latex.

If you're hosting a party, or will be using balloons for other purposes where guests or other people are involved, you might want to consider using Mylar, vinyl, or plastic balloons. MisterBalloons also carry a wide range of latex-free balloons you can choose from. Check them out!

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