Britney Spears Was Forced into Rehab

Britney Spears Was Forced into Rehab
Britney Spears is feeling betrayed by her mom, her soon-to-be ex husband Kevin Federline, her former manager and Promises rehab where she was staying for a month. She claims that she never had any alcohol or drug addiction, but she was forced to check into the rehab.

Britney claims that she was suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of her second child and never had any addiction problem. A number of sources add to this, saying that Federline was continuously threatening Britney to check into rehab.

Professionals have also confirmed that she was suffering from depression which was aggravated by stopping the Prozac dose. What added to her problem was continuous media scrutiny. When Britney called up Promises rehab for a copy of the report showing that she was tested negative for drugs and/or alcohol when she checked in, she was handed a report dated March 7, 15 days after Britney got admitted. The question that now surfaces is that what therapy was Britney given if her problem was not diagnosed till fifteen days.

Britney is now maintaining distance from not only her estranged husband but mother also.


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