Thinking Of Getting Another LCD TV?

Thinking Of Getting Another LCD TV?
I was at the local mall the other day, searching for a replacement for my aging Sanyo ST-21SS1, a 21-inch conventional CRT television that just didn't make the cut on the type of entertainment for a wired home I had been looking for since last year.

Truth is, I want a complete HDTV home entertainment sytem, and I've been roaming the city with my sights on getting it. Unfortunately, the budget doesn't allow it so I have to settle for something affordable, and an HDTV, sans the other fancy equipment, seems the way to go.

During my mall tour, if you can call it that, I've seen a few LCD TVs that might suit my needs. But since I'm a sucker for brand names, I often take just one look at those wallet-friendly (read: cheap) television sets and decide that they're not worth the money I'll spend on them.

I was just about to call it quits and settle for upgrading my Sanyo television by attaching a stronger sound system when I decided to seek the HDTV model of my dreams on the Internet. I found jut what I was looking for: the new Samsung LCD TV Series 4

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This 26-inch beauty with 1366 x 768 resolution is Samsung's latest offering to HDTV fanatics. It boasts plug-and-play connectivity for most digital camera and video equipment models courtesy of its USB and HDMI slots. To spice up your HDTV experience even more, the Samsung LCD TV Series 4's Anynet+ gives you one-touch control over all attached Samsung audio and video devices, making the setting up a home theatre system a cinch.

Go check out the Samsung LCD TV Series 4's other features on the Samsung website or the nearest mall.

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