Beware of New Brakes

Beware of New Brakes
This is an interesting but debatable print advertisement launched by Bendix Brakes to promote its new brake system Titanium Stripe. The campaign seems to aiming at conveying that new braking system is so efficient that provides drivers freedom to stop its car at his will. The advertisement is showing when the gazelle stopped suddenly, depicting the brake system, the predator leopard could not control or was able to top in time therefore strikes the gazelle loosing his balance and interestingly gazelle remains unmoved even after leopard struck him.

The idea of showing accident of these two animals along with the basic concept was certainly interesting but the execution of the advertisement has made a bit confusing and falling short of being effective. Another aspect which is confusing is the background which has been completely white, had it been the background of a forest it could have worked for the ad.

The text of the ad which is some extra long reads, ‘Beware of NEW brakes!!! TITANIUM STRIPE. No Bedding-in No more slipping. Safety from the first second out of the box.’ The advertisement was created by V2Power, Bangkok, Thailand.

Via Ads of the World.

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