Kia Sales Slid Last April

Kia Sales Slid Last April
Upon reflection, last April was a lousy month for North American car sales pretty much across the board. Despite this, trusty Kia soldiered on and models such as the midsized Optima had its best sales month so far this year selling 4,538 units; up 20% over April, 2006.

That said, Kia sold 1,800 fewer cars this month than it did the during the same period last year (26,007 vs 27,807, respectively).

The Korean carmaker's executives remained optimistic saying, "The full vehicle line has received accolades that denote its confidence and integrity with consumers, and it is now on the verge of pushing through to the next level that will instill pride and passion among buyers."

We'll see if the market can bear Kia's accolades and integrity.

[Source: Kia].

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