Hakaze Concept Inspired CX-5 Crossover

Hakaze Concept Inspired CX-5 Crossover
Mazda has been involved with some concept cars for a long time now and it feels that their love for concept cars will finally take some shape.

The company is reported to be developing a new crossover vehicle that is inspired by its Hakaze concept car that was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show.

As per AutoExpress the new car will be named CX-5 and will be developed as an SUV with a coupe-like styling.

The car is expected to feature a split-opening tailgate and removable targa-style roof panels. It is also expected that the passengers will be able to access the cabin via suicide style rear doors as seen on Mazda RX-8. Moreover it is also expected that the new car will have a partial AWD system with drive being sent to the front wheels in most situations with the rears helping if there is a loss of traction.

The magazine also suggest that the car will be priced somewhere around 18,000.

Via: motorauthority

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