Can Luxury Homes Be Eco-friendly?

Can Luxury Homes Be Eco-friendly?

Luxury homes can be eco-friendly too. Scottish construction company, Stewart Milne Group plans to build UK’s first five-star near-zero carbon neutral house state-of-the-art environmental house.

The house being built by Stewart Milne is aiming to achieve a five star rating, but within a commercially viable design for volume produced housing, developed with PRP architects, which responds to the issues facing house builders and their customers.

The design of the new houses will help reduce energy consumption by including a wind turbine on the roof, a solar chimney, a fitted bathroom pod, open-tread stairs to let the air circulate, and under-floor heating. Water-saving devices will keep use below 80 litres per person per day. Extensive terraces will be built into the design at upper levels to maximise outdoor space in urban environments

Glenn Allison, MD of Stewart Milne Group, says

Our decision to create this potentially 5 star house as a commercial reality gives us the opportunity to show key influencers in the housing sector that it is feasible to build low carbon houses in an affordable fashion.

Take a look at the another interesting eco-friendly project by Sambala group on Santiago Island.Those of you who plan to build eco-friendly homes can take a cue from these projects.

Via: The Herald

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