Aurora Alienware mALX Notebook

Aurora Alienware mALX Notebook

I'm in love with this notebook. Yes, you can say I'm shallow. I fell in love with "him" because of his looks:

"Color-Shifting On The Go

Adding a product touch that will undoubtedly make it stand out in a crowd, the Aurora mALX also features exotically stylish, airbrushed custom paint artwork that boldly implies power and strength, while shifting color through light refraction."

Color shifting? That's sooooo cool! And the design. Can you imagine going around with this thing?

But the Aurora Alienware mALX is not just a pretty face. He also offers:

- 1GB of dedicated graphics memory (Dual 512MB GeForce Go 7900 GTX )
- 64-bit AMD Turion processor
- 19" widescreen display
- 400GB Hard Drive Capacity
- Blue-Ray

And more. A notebook to play, work, kill your friends (with envy), whatever, whenever, wherever you want.

Check out the Aurora Alienware mALX Notebook site, and tell me it ain't cool!


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