The Most Elegant Home I've Ever Seen

The Most Elegant Home I've Ever Seen
belongs to Carole Benazet of Departement Feminin.

It was always a fantasy of mine, as a kid, that someday I would put on suits and go on business trips. Now, of course, nothing sounds more appalling.  A suit!  Can you imagine?  But I do pinch myself when I occasionally get to go on a work related voyage.  The owner of this remarkable store (whose website I work for), periodically shuttles me by TGV to Toulouse, where the shop is based.

Carole has one of the most elegant homes I"ve ever seen in person.  Would you believe a countess used to live there?  Of course you would!  The space is incredible, and she"s filled it with of gorgeous antiques, and frightfully chic contemporary pieces, not to mention the piles and piles of art books and magazines that I just devour. 

I would gladly empty out all the items in my home and pour in every objet of Carole"s if it were possible; it's that good.

My quick snaps surely don"t do justice -- it's all in the details you know -- but I hope you enjoy.  When I arrived in Toulouse last time, grimy from the train, I got to dip into the bath you see below, while listening to Zooey Deschanel sing this.  I felt entirely countess-like!  .

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